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The Beauty of Underwater Photography

The Beauty of Underwater Photography

The undeniable depth of beauty captured in the underwater world has caught the eye of many. From the avid scuba enthusiasts to those who merely find appreciation in the enchanting beauty and fascination seen below the water’s service, the depths of the vast sea has the world intrigued.

Due to the advances we have seen in technology, underwater photography has been leaped into a new world of wonder and a mere keen eye for the unknown is just the beginning, having the adequate tools to get the job done is essential in capturing underwater videos and photos that give the human eye a glimpse into the unknown world below. Here are just a few of the essentials needed to capture unmistakable wonder deep below as well as common technical problems that the photographer must overcome:

1.  Many underwater photographers find trouble with the lighting and portraying the true beauty versus what is captured in their images. Color and contrast are both often lost in images due to the depth of which the photo is taken.

2.  High speed imaging has been used in a plethora of circumstances underwater; for example, it has been used to capture a seahorse giving birth which is far more rapid than the human eye could ever see, let alone in such detail provided by a high speed camera.

3.  The flash used underwater has been known to be one of the most difficult tasks involved with underwater photography. Using the proper flash and/or strobe can make or break an image. The general rule of thumb is that the flash should not be used as the primary light source for the shoot.

Of course there are many more obstacles and details that intertwine with successful underwater photography. The key behind every photograph taken underwater is to be able to capture the beauty that not everyone will have the chance to see for themselves. The sea is an endless amusement park for photographers with rides that will last them a life time and we are lucky enough to be able to witness such true and magnificent beauty.

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Quick Tips On Effective Web Design

Quick Tips On Effective Web Design

According to developers such as Patrick Byrne, the failure or success of a website is determined by the usability and the utility, instead of the visual design. As it is the website visitor who clicks and decides everything, the user-focused design is now a standard approach for profit-oriented and successful web design.

For effective web design, there are certain dos and don’ts.

1. Do not make your visitors to think

Every page of your website should be obvious and self-explanatory, with intuitive navigation and site architecture so that the cognitive load is reduced, making it easier for your visitors to understand what your site is all about.

2. Help your visitors to save time

Make your user requirements to be minimal, as for example, the less the action required from users in testing a service, the more they are likely to respond the way you want, trying your service.

3. Get the attention of your visitors focused

With the attention of your visitors focused to specific areas without using heavy visual elements, you can get the right response, for instance, making them to join your email list.

4. Feature exposure is important

You should allow your visitors to see the available functions if you want to have a high click-through rate. In achieving this, the most important thing is ensuring that the content is well-understood and your visitors feel comfortable with how they interact with the system.

5. Effective writing in important

For your writing to be effective, you should make use of concise and short phrases, categorize the layout, using multiple heading levels and bullet points.

6. Be simple

You should use simple design, as your visitor is more interested in your content. To the visitor, the best site design is a pure text, with content blocks matching what the visitor is interested in, without any advertisements.

7. Use white space

You should use white space because it helps in fast loading of a site. It is difficult to read, scan and analyze complex structures.

8. Use a “visible language” in communicating

A visible language means organizing your site, with the visitor being provided with a clear and consistent conceptual structure. Also, you should economize your site, with 4 major points considered: simplicity, distinctiveness, clarity, and emphasis.

9. Use conventions

With conventional website design, you will have a lively site. With well-applied conventions, your users are able to even achieve an objective which is not too specific.

10. Always do tests

Doing tests frequently helps you to quickly be aware when things go wrong on your site. Testing helps you to fix things, especially if they affect user experience. What you should be aware of is that many design decisions are local, meaning that it is impossible to determine whether or not a layout is better than the other. With tests, you are able to know what works better with your visitors.

Those are some of the things to consider if you want to have an effective web design. Many of the most popular money-making websites available today use those strategies, and doing the same, you would be able to compete with them in any niche.

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Effective Communication Through Website Design and Photography

Effective Communication Through Website Design and Photography

Communication is one of the most important things which are needed for websites to be profitable. The reason is that it is needed in making Internet users to understand what a particular business is all about. Communication is very important, whether you have a blog, an e-commerce website, a portfolio website, a government website, an information website, or any other type of site for maintaining an online presence.

As communication is an important thing, it is necessary for the internet marketer or the web designer to consider how to communicate effectively when creating a site. However, the problem is that communication is always overlooked or not given one enough attention; instead of that, the attractiveness of the sites is what is taken to be important.

Before you hire a designer to bring your vision to life, you must make sure that he or she is well-versed in visual communication using both digital design and photography.  Experts such as Brian Petruzzi or other veterans in the field are your best bet.

This post is going to discuss some of the important things that are needed to communicate easily during web designing.

Communication Methods

There are many ways through which a website communicates with visitors. These are some of them:

  1. Text: this is the most popular communication method for website owners, as it is the first thing that visitors see when visiting a website. Text may be of great importance to the success of your online presence, though this depends on the type of website that you are running. If you have a membership website, the type of content that you will be maintaining will be different from that of an e-commerce website.
  2. Images: images and photos are also very necessary when communicating on the internet. The visitor clearly and easily understands your message when an image is being used for illustration, and when communicating through this medium, you should make sure that it is harmony with the rest of the communication methods of your website.
  3. Titles and headers: these are also very important during web designing, newspaper design and magazine layouts, as they help in communicating effectively. Human beings are naturally interested in knowing something very quickly, especially when using the internet. The major points and ideas of your website can be easily communicated through titles and headers, making it easier for your visitors to have an idea of many other things to expect from the rest of your content.
  4. Icons: icons are very good because they help you in communicating messages without the need to use any text. Immediately the image is seen, the visitor easily understands what you are talking about. Some examples are social media icons which indicate links to popular websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Some other things that help in effective communication through web design are design styles, colors, audio and video.

Problems of Using Clear Communication to Create the Website

There are some challenges that need to be overcome if you want to communicate clearly and effectively with your internet visitors.

  1. The amount of content: you need to make a decision on the amount of information and content needed when designing your website. It is good to have a lot of information for your visitors, but at the same time, you could find it difficult in communicating clearly. Make sure that you do not post a lot of content on the same page, as that could make your visitors to be confused. The page should only contain the key messages that you want your visitors to have.
  2. Your visitors are not the same: you need to remember that each visitor is unique, and it is not easy to have all of them classified in the same group. It is necessary for the website to be designed, taking into consideration the target audience, and be aware that some diversity will always be there. For instance, Internet users visit a website for different reasons, and these affect the way they respond to the information received from a site.
  3. Clarity: communication with clarity is a very important thing, though this is very difficult for many web designers. It is necessary for the website to communicate clearly and quickly because of the fact that a new visitor is not likely to spend much time on your site. You should always go straight to the point if you want to have a clear communication; you must not make too much noise, and you should communicate your message in a way that any visitor can easily understand.
  4. Complete and brief communication: make sure that your message is as short and concise as possible; that way, your visitors will understand easily. However, there are some exceptions, an example of which is when you have an in-depth article explaining the processes needed to be followed when carrying out a task.
  5. Develop a personality: the way you communicate online is not the same as when carrying out a face-to-face communication. A publication is effective when you show a kind of personality, a very important thing for companies that maintain online presence. For instance, the slogan of your company could be a representation of the personality that you are showing, and this is the message that will always be remembered when a visitor leaves your site.
  6. Less design, more communication: a website with excessive design can cause a lot of distraction to your internet visitors. The content of your website must not be submerged by the design.
  7. Gaining the trust of your visitors: one of the biggest challenges that are faced by website designers is how to gain the trust of visitors. For instance, your visitors would find it difficult to trust you when your sales page uses words that try to force them to buy a particular product. To overcome this challenge, you could make use of testimonials from your satisfied customers.
  8. Attention: it is necessary to look for ways of getting and keeping the attention of your visitors, especially if they belong to the group of people who do not spend much time on a site. This is where having a clear and concise message is very important.

What to Communicate

When creating a website, you need to know the message that will be communicated and some things that will be discussed below will give you some ideas.

  1. The purpose of the website or company: the purpose of your company or website is an important thing that must be communicated. This makes it possible for your visitors to accurately and quickly understand why you created the website, helping them to know that it is necessary for them to stay on the site. The purpose can be made known by having the main message or slogan at the homepage of your site; for instance, if the name of your website is Bloggether, there should be a welcome message with the question, “What is Bloggether?”
  2. What is offered: After people have known the purpose of your website, it is necessary for them to know what the website is going to offer them. This is different from website to website. For instance, a company providing certain services needs to provide information about the types of services offered, while an e-commerce website will provide a clear information on the types of products available for purchase.
  3. How visitors can benefit: Knowing the purpose of your website is not enough. The visitors also need to know the benefits that they will derive from using your products or services. For instance, if you are selling weight loss products, your homepage could have a message like, “Lose 10 pounds in two weeks”.
  4. Let your visitors take action: it is not enough to communicate the populace of your website and let them know the benefits of your products or services. Another important thing is to tell the visitors to take action. For instance, an e-commerce website should not make it difficult for visitors also take action. The website needs to give clear instructions on how to order online or find a local store from where to make the purchase.

There are still many companies not making money through the internet today. In most cases, the problem has to do with not communicating well. Following some of the tips mentioned above is one of the ways of overcoming this problem.

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The Importance Of Your Business Image

The Importance Of Your Business Image

When you are an entrepreneur and seeking new clients, you want to dress like someone who is serious about your business. Your body language is also important because if you appear insecure or even boring to potential clients or investors, you will lose out on sales. If you are not sure about which outfits work the best for business settings, you can read magazines and blogs on proper business attire. Friends and relatives can also help you choose the best wardrobe as n entrepreneur. Here are more tips.

Suits and Ties Never Go Out of Style

If you are a businessman, you cannot go wrong with suits and ties because those are the things which exude confidence in your abilities, and the client and investors are more likely to trust you. You can buy inexpensive suits and ties from the department store or at discount men’s clothing stores. Supplement the suits and ties with black or brown dress shoes with dress socks. You should avoid suits and ties that are in loud colors but instead in colors such as black, tan or gray. You should try on the suits before you purchase them.

Dresses and Dress Pants Work Well for Women

If you are a woman you can wear a modest dress or dress pants with a white or navy linen shirt with dress shoes and not flip-flops or other forms of sandals. When you meet with potential investors as a woman you want to dress conservatively because this lets the people know you want them notice your services, and they are more likely to hear what you have to say.

Body Language

Your business appearance is more than physical because body language is also important when attending meetings with clients or potential investors. For example, you must also establish eye contact and always give a firm handshake when talking with others. Another thing you want to do is not fidget when sitting with important persons. You want to sit with your legs crossed and nor raise your hands repeatedly while you talk because distracts the person.

Smile Often

If you smile throughout the meeting, you exude confidence in your business and it lets others know you are there to conduct business. However, you should smile naturally and not look overly perky during the meetings. A smile can help you close sales and this increases your chances at getting noticed by others.

Show Enthusiasm

It is also important that you show enthusiasm when you meet with clients because it shows them that you are confident in the services you offer. Enthusiasm can also help set you apart from all of your competitors.  According to Bob Beck Sales Expert, originality is invaluable and you should use it to stand out of the crowd of everyone who appears and acts the same way.  To increase your enthusiasm, it is necessary to think about the ways your services are unique from your competition. Also try some of your products on the staff.


In the business world, good grooming is important. For example, you want to shave the excess facial hair and your hairstyle should be conservative unless you work in a profession where wild clothing is acceptable to wear on the job.

The Last Word

In order to be a successful entrepreneur having excellent products and services is not the only thing you should be concerned about because your outward appearance and body language is just as important. If you do not look as if you are ready to discuss business, the other person will think you do not know your product well and you will appear as if you are not confident in your services. Body language is also a determining factor in whether the other person will take you seriously. You need both outward appearance and a good-selling product to make it in sales.

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TV Commercials Too Good To Be True?

TV Commercials Too Good To Be True?

What do print advertising, radio ads and television commercial images tell us about ourselves?  Think about it for a moment.  Are your values and perceptions shaped or influenced by them?

Of course they are.  That is their purpose.

Images and commercials have a particularly strong effect on what we believe to be true, but consumers must be careful not to succumb to persuasive media.

As I type this, there is a new car commercial playing on my television set and I can’t help but to point out the discrepancies of what it portrays versus the reality of the automotive industry.  The overall sentiment of the commercial is that now is a great time to buy a new or used vehicle.

Yet, automobile industry experts suggest that these deals that seem too good to be true just might be.

The Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is seeing lower prices on average compared with decades past. These lower prices though are not telling the entirety of the story, and they may seem more appealing but they are not being coupled with other incentive options. This means that cash back and discount programs are less likely to be utilized meaning that the consumer will pay a higher price.

Rather than cash back incentive programs, car manufacturers and dealerships are focusing on always providing increase in financing options and leasing opportunities. This means that consumers will still pay the same amount, or more, over the course of the cars’ lifetime than at other times when the economy was stronger.

Though the automobile industry is on the upturn, it appears that this may not lower prices as once anticipated. The reason is that companies may actually be losing money in a more booming economy. Preparations for an increase in sales could not have been anticipated. As a result, car manufacturers did not produce the right quantity necessary to cover demand. Simply to break even on their investments, they have to raise the prices of their current fleet of vehicles.

Consumer Watch Groups

Major consumer watch groups are warning customers to be aware of the new deals that appear to be being offered. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In this market where there is much temperament, there is the potential that these consumer prices are only going to increase. Be wary of any deal that appears to be better than you anticipate, according to these groups, and do your research before making any decisions.

There is great benefit to purchasing these new cars if the issues of finances are not important. Newer model vehicles are equipped with better technologies, often making them more fuel efficient and long lasting. For this reason, the investment is better and will keep the vehicle on the road longer. You will be getting more for your money but be spending more for that automobile purchase.

Consumer watch groups now encourage consumers to talk to several different car manufacturers, producers, and sellers before choosing a vehicle. This helps to ensure that the car that they are getting is the right one with the best value on the market today. In addition, don’t forget to project ongoing costs of maintenance, upkeep and insurance.  It’s advised to get a quote from reputable companies such as Statefarm, Acceptance Insurance and Progressive rather than some fly-by-night back alley provider.  This is important to ensure that the best price is attained and that the right information is available to make the most informed decision.

Consumer groups also suggest that those looking for a new vehicle should talk to the seller about any additional fees. All costs should be explained up-front and these fees should be explained thoroughly. If not, there is the risk that there will be a disadvantage that is not known or an overarching cost that is not explained.

Ultimately, consumers in the automotive market should be prepared to spend more even as the market itself expands. Until car production can meet demand and the demand is met, there will be a discrepancy that leads to higher costs on vehicles. Consumers should be aware of this and choose their investments wisely. Know that there will be options but these options may not be as good as the ones in the past. The only hope is that the market rebounds quickly enough and steadily enough for the incentive opportunities to return.


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3 Of My Favorite Business Logos

3 Of My Favorite Business Logos

A logo is more than a recognizable symbol for a company it conveys a lot of information about what that company is about. Not in the manner of what type of products or services they sell, but who they are as “people.” This is the age of social proof in marketing; to be successful a company has to have business logos which are about a message and not a product. Take a look at 3 companies with inspiring logos who have come to represent a lifestyle and not a product to understand how this works.


Apple has one of the most popular business logos. The logo of the company has multiple layers of meaning. For one, the apple is a classic symbol of education and ingenuity. Having a bite out of the apple implies that the user is engaged in learning and growing. The bite and the apple also play into the “underdog” image that Apple works hard to preserve – the logo sends a message that they are “taking a bite” out of the corporate market. Steve Jobs insisted on a multi-colored Apple logo to emphasize the company’s focus on humanity.


When Mozilla decided to rebrand as “Firefox” they needed to create a logo that would inspire people to use their browser exclusively. The old Mozilla logo featured a dinosaur which was not really the image that a company wants to project when they want to be seen as state of the art. Being seen as “quick like a fox” is much better. This is how their logo became the Firefox racing around the world and it worked, Firefox is one of the top three browsers everybody knows.


Like all the other logos, the name of the company is reflected in the logo image. The twitter of a bird becomes the Twitter name of the company becomes the blue Twitter bird logo. Twittering is a small sound birds make to communicate, so it is really appropriate for a social media company that uses 140 characters or less for messages. Here is something you should research to show how influential business logos are seen by a company – take a look at the original Twitter bird and then look at the Twitter logo from 2011 on. The direction the bird is looking has changed from straight forward to looking up. This is a message of optimism that is obviously working for users as Twitter just continues to grow and grow.

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Your Business Card Layout

Your Business Card Layout

Among the oldest marketing or sales pieces a business has at it’s disposal is the good ol’ business card.  Love them or hate them they are an essential part of being able to communicate and keep in touch with your prospects and customers.  These little cards are one of the first things potential customers see and the how you present yourself on that piece of paper is essential to making a good impression.  Because of that, you want to include all of your vital contact information on it.  As far as look and graphics to include, you’ll want to first have a color scheme that ideally matches your company brand.  If your company colors are blue and white, don’t use red and green for your overall theme.  Many people also put too much emphasis on their logo.  You don’t have to make the image of your logo the most visible.  Often times that is wasted space that can be used for more information, or even a call to action perhaps.  If your business is highly relationship based, an image of your face, or a headshot is certainly in order although not necessary.
Keep the layout of images and text on your business cards as simple as possible and as close to matching your brand and website (if you have one) as possible and you can’t go wrong.

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