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3 Of My Favorite Business Logos

3 Of My Favorite Business Logos

A logo is more than a recognizable symbol for a company it conveys a lot of information about what that company is about. Not in the manner of what type of products or services they sell, but who they are as “people.” This is the age of social proof in marketing; to be successful a company has to have business logos which are about a message and not a product. Take a look at 3 companies with inspiring logos who have come to represent a lifestyle and not a product to understand how this works.


Apple has one of the most popular business logos. The logo of the company has multiple layers of meaning. For one, the apple is a classic symbol of education and ingenuity. Having a bite out of the apple implies that the user is engaged in learning and growing. The bite and the apple also play into the “underdog” image that Apple works hard to preserve – the logo sends a message that they are “taking a bite” out of the corporate market. Steve Jobs insisted on a multi-colored Apple logo to emphasize the company’s focus on humanity.


When Mozilla decided to rebrand as “Firefox” they needed to create a logo that would inspire people to use their browser exclusively. The old Mozilla logo featured a dinosaur which was not really the image that a company wants to project when they want to be seen as state of the art. Being seen as “quick like a fox” is much better. This is how their logo became the Firefox racing around the world and it worked, Firefox is one of the top three browsers everybody knows.


Like all the other logos, the name of the company is reflected in the logo image. The twitter of a bird becomes the Twitter name of the company becomes the blue Twitter bird logo. Twittering is a small sound birds make to communicate, so it is really appropriate for a social media company that uses 140 characters or less for messages. Here is something you should research to show how influential business logos are seen by a company – take a look at the original Twitter bird and then look at the Twitter logo from 2011 on. The direction the bird is looking has changed from straight forward to looking up. This is a message of optimism that is obviously working for users as Twitter just continues to grow and grow.

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Your Business Card Layout

Your Business Card Layout

Among the oldest marketing or sales pieces a business has at it’s disposal is the good ol’ business card.  Love them or hate them they are an essential part of being able to communicate and keep in touch with your prospects and customers.  These little cards are one of the first things potential customers see and the how you present yourself on that piece of paper is essential to making a good impression.  Because of that, you want to include all of your vital contact information on it.  As far as look and graphics to include, you’ll want to first have a color scheme that ideally matches your company brand.  If your company colors are blue and white, don’t use red and green for your overall theme.  Many people also put too much emphasis on their logo.  You don’t have to make the image of your logo the most visible.  Often times that is wasted space that can be used for more information, or even a call to action perhaps.  If your business is highly relationship based, an image of your face, or a headshot is certainly in order although not necessary.
Keep the layout of images and text on your business cards as simple as possible and as close to matching your brand and website (if you have one) as possible and you can’t go wrong.

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